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Classic Updo

Take freshly shampooed, almost dryed hair.
Take freshly shampooed, almost dryed hair. Using the Do-Z comb, taking medium section of the hair and
rolling onto a SASSY curler.
Closeup of some of the hair that has been rolled up with the Sassy curlers Once completed, mist it with light hairspray. Let it dry about 15-20 minutes.
Taking out all the curlers.
Start at the crown area, take a section and give it a light
back-comb with the DO-Z..
Continue with the rest of the hair, take section, by section and give a light back-combing using the DO-Z.
Take a section and secure it with bobby pins.
Continue the whole head accordingly. Finished look from the back.
Finished look from the side. You can also decorate the hairstyle with hair jewelry.
New Classic Updos Update

All the tools you need to create the updos on this site
and more are in the updos kit, click here to order

The updos kit, includes the Sassy curlers, the DO-Z comb and bobby pins.
The Sassy is great because you can get spiral curls as wells as regular curls
and it won't damage your hair. You can even sleep in them.
The DO-Z is awesome because with the DO-Z you give your
hair volume, body and detangle the hair with out damage.


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